Saturday, January 17, 2009


Alexandra has discovered that she can send emails to Donald while he is at work. Here is one that he forwarded back to me so that I could read it:

hi daddy. i. miss. you. gese. wat. i. em. on the. 104th. page. of. ramona the brave. give. me. a call. lats. of. love. Alexandra. good. by. daddy 1ts. a. gene. call. me. gust. too. let. you. no. call. 7831324. Love. Alexandra good. by


Hi Daddy! I miss you. Guess what? I am on the 104th page of Ramona the Brave. Give me a call. Lots of love, Alexandra. Goodbye Daddy. Once again, call me. Just to let you know, call 783-1324.