Monday, June 22, 2009

This post brought to you by, the letter 'R'.

Ever since Lorelai learned to talk we have adored her 'Boston Accent'. The inability to make a hard 'rrrr' sound made her manner of speech very endearing to us. We often asked her to say things like 'chowder' or 'water' just to hear her special pronunciation; for example: 'chowdah'.

Yesterday as we drove in the car Lorelai was talking about something (I don't remember the conversation) but as she was speaking Donald said, "Lorelai, say that again". And she did.....and sure enough, she was pronouncing a hard 'rrrr' sound. We decided to test it and asked her numerous words that had an 'rrrr' sound, and she could say every one!

We were excited that she can now speak properly, but a piece of will always miss that little Boston accent.