Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Memories

Yesterday Alexandra ended up with a urinary tract infection; a direct result of the unfortunate trauma that that region of her body recently went through. So of course she was crying and miserable. I told Alexandra that I would be taking her in to see Dr. Ahart the next day, to which Lorelai replied (in a very sarcastic voice),

"Great, this means people are going to bring Sissy lots of presents again."

Poor Lorelai.

So today I went out and bought her a new ornament for the tree. A little something to perk her up. It is a gold plated Santa that says 2008. She loves it and has proudly placed it in a prominent place on our tree.

An hour or so after I put the children to bed Lorelai came out. She said she couldn't sleep. So she and I snuggled on the couch and enjoyed gazing at the magical glow of the tree. We talked about lots of things...from Christmas lists, to how warm she gets when all her blankets are on. She had a lot on her mind!

And as we snuggled there together I couldn't help but think that this must be the greatest part of my whole life. A mother of 3 young children. Perfection.