Monday, October 6, 2008

Alexandra's 6th Birthday

Alexandra had a whimsical birthday. She woke up to find the house decorated in pink and green. There were streamers, balloons, table decorations and presents. We let her open several of her gifts in the morning. A new violin case (she plays the violin that I got on my 6th birthday), a violin polishing kit, and a new green shoulder rest.

Then we all got dressed and headed out to McDonald's for breakfast. Yum.

We returned home just in time for her guests to arrive for her 10:00 birthday party. There were 13 little girls that came. Add in our 2 for a total of 15! It was a festive party! They went on a treasure hunt to discover their goody bags, played 'drop the penny's in the cup', and tried to see who could pin the tail on the donkey. Then Alexandra opened her gifts and we enjoyed delicious birthday cake and ice cream.

After the party, we went out as a family and ran a few errands. Then Alexandra and Lorelai had fun diving into the new pile of toys. Barbie'!

That evening we dined at IHOP with Grandma Sorenson and Uncle Shawn. We brought along the rest of Alexandra's gifts; a pound puppy, a new book, webkinz clothes, American Girl doll clothes from Oma, and two new Ramona books from Grandma Sorenson.

A perfect day for a perfect 6 year old!